Facebook, huh, yeah, what is it good for?

Absolutely something…

To be honest, this was almost a post about the unfortunate increase in terrible, useless and mind-numbing content that is starting to clutter Facebook. But then…

…then my friend asked about SEO.

And I helped him.

All of a sudden, a light illuminated my keyboard and Facebook became a place of connection, a place where friends can get help from friends, a place of hope. OK, so I’m exaggerating a bit, but the truth of the matter is that Facebook, like any number of social media tools is only as good as it’s content and filtering.

While I was brooding over the mass influx of LOLCATS variants and useless pictures (like a list of numbers 1-15 with the words “Like when you find the mitsake” [sic]) screaming for “likes” and comments, I considered sitting back and blasting the downward spiral of social media culture.

I decided instead to take control of my situation. 

It’s something I learned a few months ago: “If you can’t predict the future, create it.”

So, I thought for a minute and realized that I could easily unsubscribe or – *gasp* – unfriend the worst offenders, thus clearing the way for me to see important updates – like what my buddies ate for dinner or how my sister’s new dog is fitting in. I did the same with my Twitter account (@thestosbias) a few weeks ago.

It makes sense, really. My mom used to call it “operator error.” Some people call it “garbage in, garbage out.”

What I’m cliche-ing about is simply this: Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, etc… are part of the internet and the internet is a place of mass ‘user-generated content’ which is code for ‘some good, but mostly really really bad stuff.’ The power of these tools comes from the ability they give you to categorize and filter what you see.

This is bigger than just avoiding annoying people. When we clear out the garbage content, we allow ourselves access to the small percentage of the really good content that is out there. It also opens us up to share that exceptional content with our friends and, as a result, spreading content that is worth digesting. All the while supporting and encouraging the content creators.

Take a look at your Twitter, Facebook, et al. feeds and ask yourself a question: “Am I contributing to the mass of crap floating around the internet, or am I being a conduit of thoughtful, useful content?” (no matter your definition of ‘useful’ – I trust you)

Have you noticed an increase in garbage from well meaning people who are trying to get some lulz? Am I being too harsh? Leave me your thoughts in the comments (and please, only one LOLCAT pic per person).


2 thoughts on “Facebook, huh, yeah, what is it good for?

  1. Perhaps, but I actually enjoy pictures of kittens. Though, I must say that there certainly has been a dramatic increase an ridiculous postings of late. Keep posting rationally Mike! Save the world from Facebook fanfrumuggery. (Fanfrumuugery is an entirely made up word.)


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